About the Artist

THE RECENT PAST - Mike Biegel has been illustrating with a crow-quill pen since the early 1980s. Inevitably his journeys led him to settle in Vermont where the lay of the land and the change of the seasons matched many of his favorite subjects to illustrate.

TODAY - Once he met his fiancee Lori in Ski Country, everything changed. Now he resides on Long Island, has a NY hair stylist and can easily enjoy tasty slices of pizza and egg sandwiches on a bagel. He still travels to Vermont regularly...especially during ski season. 

THE FUTURE - back to the mountains one day soon....

Commercial Illustration Flip Books include:
Fine-Line Color Portfolio
Fine-Line Black & White Portfolio

View these Architectural/House Portrait Flips Books:
The Architectural Portfolio (home & business)
The House Portrait Portfolio (personal commissions)